My fan-art (Mio Akiyama)

Hey guys.. Just so you know i like drawing, either it’s good or bad. If you guys know about Mio Akiyama, yeah I am a fan of her too then.. Cheers. Have a membership card for yourself. Anime: K-on!


This is the picture of Mio Akiyama that I tried to make look like her. >.>


Well, now speaking of Mio. I became a fan of her from her first concert (ofc. in the anime), and more like a fan of her throughout the anime. Mio is the cutest character from K-on! She is shy, timid, easily scared, but can overcome her fears when she actually does the things on stage. She is a A-rated waifu in my list (lol). So I tried to make a fan art of her. It might not be that replicative of Mio, but well I like Mio whatever. XD


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