Fanart I-Scream

Anime: Hyouka

Kinda tried to make a fanart of Hyouka. It’s Oreki and Chitanda that I tried to make if you are wondering.

I asked myself Why Hyouka? It’s one of the best anime and the art in the anime is cutesy as ever from KyoAni. KyoAni is one of the best animation studio when it comes to character design. If you guys watched Hyouka, you might know Oreki is almost a Cynic. Not that much but still he avoids people to some extent. Chitanda is kind and curious in everything that happens and always trying to find the mysteries in their High School. The anime is pretty good in storyline and as for animation, again I have no words.


Coming to my art, after trying this one, I thought to myself should I give up on Shading, but without Shades it seems even more lacking, so I tried it anyway.. So even if it doesn’t seem more natural, it’s the best I could make without spoiling too much. Might try something next time. Maybe Oregairu, or maybe not? Anyways that’s it for now.


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