Anime: Oregairu

Now for what I did here. Pretty much done hastily.

I was looking for the right image of Oregairu but couldn’t get what I was expecting. Made me wonder why I liked it so much to the point I re-watched it almost 7 times, and re-read the novels (fan-translated, I don’t know Japanese) too. Still well I stumbled upon Gahama-Chan‘s image on the you-know-what page. This is from an image of Gahama-chan from season 1, I couldn’t find a image which screams “Gyah-Baam” in Gahama-chan-style. Now I too know this doesn’t look the Gahama-chan that I like, but it turned out to be quite different. I didn’t have it in my heart to scrap it just because it didn’t turn out the way I imagined. Besides, this was a rushed one, took less than 1 hour to do so.

Now why the monologue? Well it’s just because gives me a motivation. Well right now I am in the middle out of my exams. One paper is over, still Five more papers to go. Now looking at it like this, I wanna die out of regret for what I did in my previous paper, and thinking about the other exams make me die out of anxiety, so I guess I could sympathize and feel the monologue T_T.


So coming to the character. Why Gahama-chan? Because I like her, and taking everyone like her. If you are a die-hard fan of Oregairu, everyone knows the story wouldn’t have progressed even by a slightest inch, if not for Gahama-chan’s character. Her character doesn’t have a lot of explanation in the series, still there is a mention by Hikki himself, something like “No one among us understands this club more than Gahama-Chan. She keeps this place rolling.” So for guys who love  Gahama-chan wait for the end. Well if you have read the ANOTHER though it might be quite strange to hope, still I wanna support  Gahama-chan, because I am a die-hard fan after all.

That’s all for now. Will be working on another image sooner or later, well I have exams after all. So might take a while for me to come again.

Thanks for reading!! And I hope to see you guys soon, any suggestions are welcome!!


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