Isurugi Noe

Anime: True tears. 

Another art from me.. I tried to concentrate more on the shading part here.

So to say here, it’s my fan art of Isurugi Noe. The anime ‘True tears’ is very interesting, if you haven’t watched it, give it a try. The way the character Isurugi Noe is designed is really captivating. She might be a little bit of air headed but she makes the plot go rather in an interesting manner, times where she supports the MC, Shinichiro even though she knew that it won’t gain her anything, but pain left a deep impression on me. Well they didn’t actually make the ending perfect. But I liked it for one reason, I thought Noe deserves someone even more better than our MC. Heck, why can’t it be me.


Now, I took around 4 hours to complete this, well the character design for Isurugi is very beautiful, so I can’t fully cover every bit of her. How do those guys even design them. Well, I tried to concentrate on shading, since I wanted to give it a little push. So I guess it does seem kind of rushed up, I am still trying to figure out something’s about illustrations. Once I get to know them more, I want to try my dream of creating my own character.

That’s all for now!! Thanks for reading!!!! Hope to see you guys soon. Any suggestions are welcome!


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