Kirino & Kyousuke

Anime: Ore no Imouto ga konna ni kawaii Wake ga Nai ( Short: Oreimo)

Should say this in the beginning, if you are a fan of this anime, definitely I’m not a siscon, nor do I have a super cute little sister (P.S: I do regret not have a little sister).

This anime is another one of my favorites. The story is pretty rare, maybe more than rare. But the characters are pretty much great. My personal favorite in this show is Kuroneko. But the pairing could only be Kyousuke and Kirino. They make a good pair. And to mention, I came to know the meaning of the word otaku only after watching this show. I must have watched like more than 50 anime before this watching this anime, but I never knew the meaning of it.

This anime shows a detailed view of how Akihabara works around. They make it look like Akihabara is a place for social gathering of otaku.  If only the place I live has a gathering like that, I would be waiting all day there, ofc watching anime too.

I want to mention that the author (Tsukasa Fushimi) of this Light novel series is kind of writing another series Ero-manga sensei. The illustrator is the same too (Hiro Kanzaki). Another siscon series, but this one is a lot more funny, the charactes are also more interesting too, plus I am following it. They are making an anime out of it too. Official release date is still to be announced, but keep an out for it.

Coming to my sketch:

I think I did manage to sketch the important parts. Had to do a lot of rework especially the eye. I have a rough image of how the sketch looks without the final rework and shades. It does have a funny face for Kyousuke, but I think I reworked on both of their faces after this sketch.


The final one is not that bad. It seems quite what I expected from my art style. My shading is still a WIP (work-in-progress)… This might take a while but, I am thinking of working on my own character. Need to work out quite a bit of features for it.


That’s all for now. Finally, Thanks for reading!!  Hope to see you guys soon, any suggestions are welcome.


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