Mine- Genius Sniper

Anime: Akame Ga Kill!

Another favorite character of mine. Mine from Akame Ga Kill. It’s weird how they named her. But, what was Akame Ga Kill, by the way if you have seen it, you might realize, when did Akame become the main character? I mean like there were a lot of critics for this one. But it’s a pretty good watch, if you have the patience for it. The plot is not slow at all, it’s just you might need patience to accept the ending of the show.

Now, Mine is the best characters in this show. Why, you ask? It’s my personal opinion, but she doesn’t fight for the cause or to watch the result. She fights to protect, that is what I realized at the tragic end they gave for her. I was still at a loss of words, when they actually did something to her. But the show is run by them, no questioning.


Not much to say about the sketch, since it’s another graphite sketch. I wanted to try out sketching weapons, so for starters I tried this image and it turned out well for the most part, the other part might not be that bad.

Thanks for reading!! Hope to see you guys soon. Any suggestions are welcome.


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