Knight & Day

Anime: Swort Art Online

A fanart of Kirito and Asuna. I absolutely like this pairing in that show. When I started Swort Art Online, I thought it to be more of action, well it’s action, still I found the romance part to be more amusing in this show. Although, I saw this as a more of harem in a way.. At the middle of the series I found myself cheering for Suguha, like “Go Suguha! You can win!”. Butย when the series was reaching it’s end, no matter how you look at it, this pairing is the best. Still, they could have had another guy for Suguha, except the funny nerd guy.


Well this truned out to be different than what I expected, I wanted to color this, but this one seems different. Like Kirito being a knight (dark) and Asuna being like a day (bright), just came to like this image, so I thought, why not share it. I will try one coloring this, if it turns out good, fingers crossed, I will share it.

Thanks for reading!!ย Hope to see you guys soon. Any suggestions are welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚


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