Knight & Day – Colored version, SAO review

Anime: Sword Art Online

Oh, if you guys have seen my previous post, then this is just a continuation like, I wanted to post the colored version here. Not much colored here, I just did a tiny bit of coloring.


So, if you haven’t watched the anime, you should probably consider watching it, if you like action/ adventure with RPG-element. There is probably a lot of reason why I like this anime, most of it is because of the characters and their background. Around that time RPG-element seemed to be in infant stage imo. Most probably this was the one that created a fandom for RPG type, since most RPG based anime, came after the late 2012’s.

The first season is probably the start / introduction of the genre. So, the first season features a group of people caught up in an online VR-game, Sword Art Online, that is. The first few episodes just show how the people get adjusted to the tragedy that happened to them. There are a lot of characters in this anime, starting from people who go crazy and have fun to people who think randomly kill others for fun. Now which character does our MC fall into? Well, if I have to point at it, he’s a cynic. Wait, I have a reason, well he’s not actually a cynic from the start, and certainly not a cynic at the end. But, when there’s a commotion and they try to blame the happenings in-game on Kirito, he creates a facade of being cynical. Isn’t that characteristic of a MC, now-a-days? But, as the story progresses, we are exposed to different sides of the characters.

For starters, the anime is pretty much good on the animation side, so it passes for a good watching experience, if you are on the good-looks-for-story faction. The action in the anime is almost flawless. The concept of gaming makes it even more addicting. The tremendously designed monsters, weapons, customisable gears, and popping up of items from nowhere, gives a new experience to the viewers on how VR RPG game might work when it is actually developed and implemented.


A quick-peek at the battles animation, it’s almost flawless

Secondly, I would like to talk about the characters a little. The show just captures a lot of different personal traits. Starting with the MC Kirito, he’s skilled in-game, outside he’s just a regular guy, who loves technology. Most of the first season progresses around our MC, we meet Ayano, the beast-tamer. This is a short-arc, and not all that related to the main arc. Then, we have Rika Shinozaki (The blacksmith), she is a fairly portrayed maiden-in-love. The blacksmith arc is not what you would say long lasted too. We meet Yui, an AI. These three short stories, covers how the MC actually forms his friendship them. The first season also covers some very normal people. Now, why very normal people you ask? That’s how it is, when abnormal things happen around you, wouldn’t you consider the most normal-acting people more interesting? This is actually used to show how much the game has affected people who lost all hope, or just hopes someone will save them. People who kill in-game knowing that it kills them in real life too, just for the thrill of actually committing a crime. And it also brings out the dark traits of characters. Like, you can kill a person and just brush it off with ‘it was the game that forced me to do it’. There is an array of series involving those people. But aside from that, there is also a group of people who form a community, and try to act as normal as it is, to ease the tension.


Funny fishing moments to ease the atmosphere in-game

Then, at last the first season features Kayaba Akihiko, now he’s THE GUY, mastermind, creator of the game, you name it. He has his own ideals. He tries to create a new world, in fact. He just tries to find people who are good at his game than him, people who love his world, people who wish for a change in this corrupt real life we live in, people who have latent potential in them. Now I don’t find fault in his ideals, well for his method of implementation now that’s what makes him seem bad. Now he does create a VR-world, he devices the power to a full in-game-dive technology. So, his character can be understood once you watch the anime.

The second season features Sinon, The Genius sniper-arc. The cruelty of the real world, creates her character. Mostly an MC’s trait, she is a genius sniper online and an entirely different person in real life. A timid character with past-trauma, well if you do like watching how people overcome their past-trauma, or come in consensus with it, this arc is a typical one. But if there was actually a girl like this online, I would re-consider buying the game, just to get hit, but it would be thrilling.


Sinon in-action, the animation is sound here too

There is kind of a excalibur-arc, but it just is mostly to give the anime, a more RPG-theme. The story is fully focused on in-game activities.

Then, there is finally Yuuki Konno, the Absolute Sword-arc. This is the most heart-warming arc. This marks the end of the second season. Now, if you want to know about this character I would definitely advise you to watch the anime. Whenever I think about this arc, it just brings warm tears, both happiness and sadness mixed together. You would want someone to remember you, right? A lasting impression on this world? A proof that you were alive?

That’s all for the show, it just might pull at your heart strings a bit, sting a little, annoy you with lengthy scenes, but it does leave you with wanting more of it. So I advise you to take a look at the show, if you haven’t actually watched it. (^_^)


A bit of advice, don’t watch this anime like both of them looking at the screen.

Lastly I just wanted to say it’s been awhile since I saw this anime, and I am currently re-watching it. And it’s mostly my personal opinion still, hope you guys find this anime interesting too. And I just wanted to type like a 1000-word blog post, so if you have actually read fully, Thanks for reading!! I really really appreciate it!! Hope to see you guys soon. Leave your view on the comments.


6 thoughts on “Knight & Day – Colored version, SAO review

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I am an enormous Sword Art Online fan. It is one of my favorite alltime Anime shows,and I have watched it twice as well😀 I loved the first season, but even though a lot of people seem to like that one the best, I found the second season to be even better. I liked the Sinon story arc a lot, and I totally agree that the last part of the second season was very heartwarming. The ending though sad, was very touching and moved me a lot. Great post, and great artwork ! 😀


    • demigod365 says:

      huh, lol sorry to break it to you, but it’s a cheap 1$ 12-color pencil set I got from the nearest store available, since there is no art-shop near my house, and online ones are bit costly with their delivery charges :/ I plan to buy faber-castell ones next month, hopefully? Prisma is the best. But hopefully I will try to get them after getting a job. And Thanks for reading and glad you liked my post ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      • weekendotaku says:

        Haha, I was actually asking to confirm they weren’t prisma. Not criticizing at all… Your lines are still clean regardless, but with some better pencils you avoid that slightly grainy look. Prisma is certainly the best but the Faber – Castell ones might work fine too. I haven’t tried them though.

        Liked by 1 person

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