Ajin Demi-humans Season 1 – Opinion

Anime: Ajin Demi-human

This was an attempt from the manga art. I wanted to try hatching, and ended up give like a lot of bruise for the MC. Plus, his right hand is gone and blood is dripping, wanted to say because it’s hard to notice for even me. Now that is said, let’s set it aside and talk about Ajin.


Most people tend to never look at Ajin, because of its CG animation. Now I am kinda not bothered by it, in fact I actually am following RWBY too, from the start, yeah it’s an American series, but it has an interesting plot like any other anime. Let’s save that talk for another day, maybe?

So, who are Ajins? Demi-humans, immortal beings, a lot of names. Ajin is used to denote a set of people who don’t die, they are scattered around the world. They can summon a black ghost, invisible to others, except to the summoner and it’s prey. This is limited to 2-3 times within a specific time interval. No one knows how they are born or how they actually change into an Ajin. That’s the overall idea you can get about the Ajin class (if this was any RPG).

The anime starts with a battle between a single Ajin and a load of humans cross-firing each other. By the time the battle ends, we might get the point that humans hate them just because they are immortals. As the episode progresses we are introduced to the MC Nagai Kei. I personally think the anime revolves around every character. So Nagai is like a connection between them. The battle between Ajins and humans was almost settled, until that day, when our MC was actually found to be an Ajin. How did they find he is an Ajin? Simple he met with an accident, where he should have died but he doesn’t, a very likey scene to happen, in this kind of genre. That’s the point where the flames of war were rekindled. The story goes around saying about how Satou (the anti-hero) constantly attacks the country of Japan, and how the police reacts. How Nagai Kei gets caught up in his plan of conquering Japan. As the story advances we are shown how the government has it’s own dark sides and doesn’t want to reveal it. Nagai Kei is a cynic, I am not joking here, but he is an apt character for the story.


A classic scene, for a anime of this genre (ep 01, so no spoiler)


It’s not a spoiler, so I want to say, what exactly is the dark sides of the Government. Scientific research always ends up with some screws loose, so what do they do to test them, government always use lab rats, right? Well if you want to develop some medicine for humans, isn’t it better to test it on humans to get 100% certainly? Now that’s a problem, human life is valuable. So how about these people who can die, but cannot die (perfect Guinea pigs, right?). So the government decides to test on them. Isn’t that cruel? That is the primary reason for Satou’s hatred towards humanity. Just because they revive doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain, or die once. So ajin are scared of humans. There is a conversation between ajins, about whether there is a limit for their revival, but Satou casually brushes it off by saying Don’t worry, there is official records, which the government has kept hidden, where an Ajin %in some country% has revived 1000+ times or so’. This makes it pretty clear that the government is darker than we realize. Though, I can’t testify for Satou, but judging from the series, if there is one thing I realised he doesn’t seem to lie to the ones who support his cause.


Nagai being experimented, still I doubt when were you a good guy?


That being said, Satou may be right, asking for freedom of ajins. But his act of approaching things is messed up in a large way. An eye for an eye, is what Satou wants, and in season 1 he is successful. It is definitely a badass plan. Still, he should have stopped at some point, since if he fails now, that makes sure to put the last nail on their coffin.


CHARACTERS: Let’s see some



He is a loyal government servant, or more like was forced to be loyal. He has his way around solving situations, He also takes advantage of Satou’s breakage into the Research facility, to kidnap Ikuya Ogura. His involvement in this season is lesser when compared to the on-going second season.


Who asked about you?


A foreign scientist, who came to take a look at Nagai Kei, to his surprise was caught in the commotion of the Research facility breakage. His knowledge in Ajin’s traits is what makes him the prime target of Tosaki, for his victory in battle against Satou.


She is a Ajin, now why is she in the Human faction? She is the bodyguard of Tosaki, surely humans do need something or someone to fight against those black ghost. Her reason for being together with Tosaki is later explained in the on-going second season.


Seriously, who asked about you?



He is a mysterious character, that arises in start of the series. The police seem to know him as The Man in the hat and later as Satou. He does anything that will make people follow his path. If someone stands in his way he makes sure he kills them, even if it’s an Ajin, he claims to know a way to do it. He makes sure the world knows, that if ajins wanted to harm the humans, they can do it without anyone being able to stop them. He is the anti-hero, I’m calling him anti-hero, since there is no one more supportive to ajin freedom than him, except he is forcing the government. The part about him, which I like so far is his honesty, he kills when he says he will kill someone (ok, that might be bad).


There is a major spoiler just before this scene, that I don’t wanna say


He is like a right hand guy to Satou. After being rescued by Sarou from the research facility, he listens and blindly follows Satou. His strength is well, his black Ghost. He knows how to get around using it, to harm people.


He is one of those who is against Satou’s plans and runs away from him, trying to get the aid of Nagai Kei. Later to find that he is being imprisoned by Kei himself. (Say what?). Yep, that’s our MC, let’s look at him at last.


Let’s see he is the ideal personification of a cynic. He uses people when they are needed. When his friend (Kaito) needed support, he just doesn’t support him (a small flashback). And right after he is found to be Ajin, he just asks Kaito for help, without anyone to turn to(of course, I can hear the word shamelessly). He then abandons him, when his use is no longer needed. But, says to himself that he does it for Kai’s well-being. When Nagai was captured, he uses another lab-assistant to escape, but saves him too, so on the core he is still a good guy. He tries to live peacefully, shutting his eyes and ears to the outside world, until he finds out that as long as Satou is alive, he can’t live peacefully, and that ends his actions in this season. This makes him an valuable opponent for Satou.


Let’s hear it from his sister, oops, you have it rough there Kei.


Now how does this count as a character, you ask? Ghost have their own personality, mostly influenced by their summoner (aka Ajin who creates it). This guy is interesting in and itself. He does exactly opposite of what our MC says. Be sure to notice this guy.

There are others in the Ajin faction, like the computer genius Okuyama Masumi, who makes his inconsistent appearance throughout the series. And then Kaito, he is a peculiar character, who helps the MC, without wanting anything in return.


Seriously, chopping down woods is your job now?


Although, this series has a lot of plus points on plot and character side, there are flaws,

  • Mainly, the story delivery, it seems a bit rushed, trying to force the story move on or something. Capturing only the important scenes into the anime made it look like reading through the story.
  • The sloppy CG animation, even though the animation is pretty good, I still think that it lacks when compared to other CG animation like GOD EATER and Tales of Zestiria (At Least these two had better environmental graphics)
  • Lack of cute girls and annoying fanservices? (Wait is it a plus point)
Screenshot (42).png

A quick look at what season two has to offer (lots of different types of ghost)

Well that ends the post, as I watched it when the series was airing, one episode per week was refreshing, sometimes raised my interest like when is the next episode going to air? Watch it if you like cynical characters, plot line, a bit of surprise elements, mad bad-guy character as the villain (typically anti-hero).


Best not to watch like him

So I just wanted to write a post with 1619-words. So if you guys read it, Thanks for reading!!! I really appreciate it!! Hope to see you guys soon. Leave your views on the comments. Cheerio!


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