Characters that I don’t want to meet in my life

First, before continuing any further, these three are among my top 5 favourite characters. Still I don’t want to get close to them, I will analyse their character here and state why.

A quick message, everyone has their days on which we don’t feel like doing anything at all, right? Yesterday it was that day for me. It felt like I was half-hearted at everything, either reading a book, or watching anime/TV series. But I forced myself to color them yesterday, and yeah it ended up sloppy, like I didn’t realise I was watching the reference picture through my tinted glasses until I finished most of the coloring. That explains how these guys ended up with a lot of different color pattern. So advice, don’t do anything if you don’t feel like doing at all. Now, let’s look and analyse these characters.


ROY MUSTANG: (Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Mustang, the “Flame alchemist”, most powerful form of alchemy, yeah. What does he do with this kind of power? He is a war hero. That explains most part, right? He kills people knowing he will have to take the part of the bad guy, regrets his action for doing so, and takes time getting his revenge on the government later. I like how is character is being portrayed in the anime. Being the most level headed character in the series, he plans everything on-the-move. There are sometimes even he kinda loses his sight on things, but then again he leads most of the characters in the right way throughout the series. Maybe, I just like him because, who doesn’t want to produce fire just with the flick of a finger?


Yeah he’s kinda useless on rainy day.. Well not everyone is Saitama?

ITACHI UCHIHA: (Anime: Naruto)

Everyone admires Itachi, if you have seen the series. The Legend of Itachi arc does show a little about the situation he grew up in. He goes as an unnoticed hero for most of the people in the series. He takes the bad guy role in the anime, for the welfare of the whole shinobi world. He even goes so far as not sparing even the one girl he might have had feelings for? A touching scene in the manga that was not made in the anime. Oh, and yeah even he has fire speciality.


Why did you grow up? Ok, it’s not Pokemon so obviously you grow up


Everyone knows what happens in Code geass, Lelouch is the guy who went down in history as the bad guy, even for the ones closest to him. He was not even trusted by most of the persons he cared about, that’s a little cruel about his story. He sacrificed people for the greater good. Yeah, everyone knows how willing he was to sacrifice himself too. Well, there is a third season, but I am not that supportive for his revival, let’s see how it goes.


Now where do you get those ideas inside your mind?

Now what do these three characters have in common, good guys? not even close… Self-sacrifice? I wouldn’t point it that way… What I want to compare must be pretty much clear, they are mass murderers. Maybe I am wrong.

The question is not whether they were willing to sacrifice their own life… It’s whether the people they killed were willing to die, for the greater good? How can equality be achieved if 10’s and 1000’s of people have to die for the sake of it? Isn’t freedom denied for those people who died? i am the kind of people who doesn’t want to see people die, even if he’s the bad guy. Now as you can see, Lelouch says, “People who should kill, or those who are prepared to die themselves” It does sound cool, but how is it even the slightest bit logical? Isn’t this like taking killing as lightly as taking a walk? NO I can’t accept killing especially when they say IT IS FOR THE GREATER GOOD. Why? I personally think this kind of matter is a bad influence on the future. Kill someone so he doesn’t kill others. Literally this kind of actions are justified in anime, but in real life? As a commoner, if someone wants to kill me, I at least want to know the reason. Is that asking too much? Or is our life that little compared to that of the whole world? I feel like I can actually say hello to Hell girl than these characters.


At the least, you sing a song and specify the reason for my death

Now even if I admire those characters and all.. The point I wanted to get across was, their actions are justified only in anime. Don’t try to become them, or try to think if only they were in real life. (Ok I might have thought if only Yuno Gasai was real, but I will erase that thought from now). If I have to modify Manaka‘s word ( from Nagi No Asukara, “I admire the sun (characters) , only because it’s so far from me (not in real life)”. So just admire these characters, but don’t try to become like them. And absolutely stay away from anyone who slightly resembles Light Yagami (cosplayers apart).

So I just wanted to write a post with 918-words. So if you guys read it, Thanks for reading!!! I really appreciate it!! Hope to see you guys soon. Leave your views on the comments. Cheerio!


6 thoughts on “Characters that I don’t want to meet in my life

  1. weekendotaku says:

    Great drawings, even if they are off-color! Only Itachi actually looks off, and that’s because of the costume color.

    I don’t know. I don’t think I’d mind meeting Roy Mustang. Sure he did some awful things in life, but he learned from those experiences and became a better and wiser person.

    Itachi and Lelouch, forget it. Those guys are bad news bears.

    Liked by 1 person

    • demigod365 says:

      Yeah I did say about the color lol.. I should have just kept silent yesterday..
      And yeah I do kinda agree that Mustang didn’t do that much bad stuff.. I am just scared of his over powered alchemy, and his reckless character towards the end of the series.
      I wanted to include Light yagami here, but just thought the anime explained his train of thoughts were wrong so excluded him. So these three, Light, Lelouch, Itachi are bad news no matter how I say.
      Thanks for reading! 😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Great post, and they definitely look like characters I don’t want to meet in real life. As for me, a character that in the recent past truly scared me was Shinkawa Kyouji from Sword Art Online season 2. He scared the hell out of me at the end, and I really pretty much would avoid meeting him 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • demigod365 says:

      That’s something I can’t really avoid… Really thanks for the nomination, though I don’t blog that much, I just like to read a lot 😛

      And a reply for your previous comment, yeah Shinkawa is really scary too, who could have thought a good faced guy like him can be such a monster… Guys like them are hard to identify >.<

      Liked by 1 person

      • raistlin0903 says:

        Your very welcome. Well, the posts I have read from you are very good and entertaining, so in my opinion the reward is very well deserved 😀 As for that certain person in Sword Art Online…it was one of those reveals that had me staring at the screen in total denial, and than getting scared by the incredibly horrific personality transformation 😱

        Liked by 1 person

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