Westworld – Does the show take you West or East? (spoiler free)

Westworld is acclaimed to be one of the best series since Game of Thrones by HBO, now is it? It actually might be. I will keep this as much short as possible, this is how I personally saw Westworld and found it to be interesting as well as familiar.

I always found watching an overhyped show without reading through the synopsis more amusing and natural. And that’s when I stumbled across Westworld, So the thing about ‘Hosts’ and ‘Guests’ came as a surprise to me, though Westworld did a very fantastic job of roping me into the series at the end of its first episode.


I can’t lift a finger against the Westworld-settings, so I won’t say anything about it.

Now before I begin I want to make sure you guys read this short prattling from me,

“At the middle of the series I started wondering if I was made of mechanical parts. NO, actually I am not that dumb to think like that at all. On second thought, no I really thought if I was made of nuts and bolts. Nah, I never doubted my humanity, I am not that dumb”

Now this is not entirely unimportant, if I have to say about Westworld without spoilers that’s how it goes like. It makes you guess, second guess, analyse, re-analyse throughout the entire series. Now before anyone starts asking, NO IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU WONDER IF YOU WERE MADE OF NUTS AND BOLTS.

Now for the concept, as most of you might have known this series revolves around hosts (aka automatons) going haywire gaining consciousness. Now really do hosts gain consciousness? In my opinion the way the show made consciousness feel like was kinda empty. The show starts with the problem first spotted after the ‘reveries’ update being released, which gives them the access to their previous memories, no it’s not a spoiler since it’s what is being told at the start of the 1st episode. So if I have to write a pseudocode of how the consciousness is actually achieved here, it would be like this (don’t worry even I am not that much of a programmer, so it’s just english).

  • Infinite loop of{
  • access a random memory from the past
  • if it’s negative->kill/escape
  • if it’s positive, make the guest enjoy their stay
  • }

So if gaining consciousness was that simple, I highly doubt my vision so as to why I can’t see Ironmans, and Transformers around me now. No I am not kidding, though it makes you actually wonder about this concept, Westworld still has a lot more to offer than just hosts gaining consciousness.

Now as far as how I felt during the show, it was pretty much taking me towards the promised land, I at the end of episode 8, it made me feel like I was actually standing on Attu Island (the westernmost point on land), and episode 9 made me enjoy my stay there, and the final episode, though it has a lot of twists and turns pushed me even farther west, until I found myself on Caroline Island (the eastern point on land), making me go through a complete turn. It felt like I was totally at a loss of words and second think about my perception of the series, in a good way.

As for the acting, there was hardly anything I found confusing or missed out. The final episode felt like they could have done even better considering how well it was told until then, but the plot makes it hard to get a prime role out of anyone in that episode, so it’s not much to worry about. Nothing about the acting makes it less enjoyable, actually it might be one of Westworld’s plus point.

As far as the dialogues go, there is nothing much to talk, since robots have pre-set of statements feeded into them and controlled by commands, you can hear the same words most times, but from different persons, as well as from characters you never would have expected.

It was still amusing, and as for my final thoughts,

Did I enjoy the show: Definitely a HUGE YES.

Do I want a second season? If so how soon?: I do want a second season, though I would prefer if they actually take their time and make it even better and try to stay with a single point.

Why do I want a second season?: As for this, though the hosts pushed me to the eastern side of the land, I still feel some human hands clinging to my shoulder and trying to pull me back into Attu Island. Mostly I want to watch how the humans react for their decisions as well as the hosts decisions.

Now this series receives a high recommendation from me, if you like to guess and second guess stuff, want something which will keep you entertained throughout the episode and has a lot of different character developments, and ABSOLUTELY if you want lots of twists and turns in the story, yep this is the right one for you.

Now hoping that the mid-finale for The Walking Dead season 07 comes out as much surprising and good as this, I will end my review of Westworld here.

So I just wanted to write a post with 907-words. So if you guys read it, Thanks for reading!!! I really appreciate it!! Hope to see you guys soon. Leave your views on the comments. Cheerio!


9 thoughts on “Westworld – Does the show take you West or East? (spoiler free)

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I haven’t yet seen this series, but from everything I have read about this and seen in trailers, it definitely is something I am really looking forward to. A review like this only convinces me even more to watch it as soon as possible (the only thing thst is currently withholding me is time 😂). Great post !

    Liked by 1 person

    • demigod365 says:

      I am really glad you have it in your watch list. I just wanted to share the experience that I got after the series. And absolutely it’s more amusing, I couldn’t even say about the characters because saying a character name will be a spoiler, so I kept it to absolute minimum here lol… But have a look at it when you have time. Second season is dated to 2018, so no worries there haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. PalpableEmoji says:

    The show definitely has a way of making you second-guess your every thought and theory. I’m sure any who has enjoyed the show relates to your prattling quite a bit. All of the plot twists and revelations are handled really well, for the most part. Hell, a majority of my theories were wrong.That’s precisely why I think I enjoyed it so much. I love a show that can keep you on your toes. Great read!

    Liked by 1 person

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