My stormy Birthday (Natural  disaster) and it’s aftermath

This would be a personal post and my experience through 4 days of no internet, no mobile, and heck no anime/tv show/movies.

Never thought a day without Internet and power supply would hit me, but it did and all started when I completed my 21 years on Earth, yeah on my 21st Birthday to say, December 12.a cyclone had came to greet me on that day, but wasn’t leaving even when I begged it to with lots of please. Enough kidding, I will explain it with whatever little I could remember. 

Day 1: 12-12

I woke up to find myself freezing on that day, and it was almost 8am that day. And much to my surprise it was dark and no power supply was there, since it was shut down for safety purposes. My phone’s battery was around 49% and I never listened to the warning messages for the storm on the news. Around 12pm I thought it will be only for today and by tomorrow it will be back to normal but guess I was totally wrong there. I spent my time reading ‘A midsummer Night’s dream’. Around 12pm I went to take a look at how the outside was. And that’s when I saw why storm is classified under natural disater. There’s actually construction work going opposite to the place I reside and

  • I saw the temporary walls erected, crumple down like building blocks (no kidding here)
  • The iron sheets they kept for construction purposes were flying at least 2m above the ground and landed almost 5m away from their original place. 
  • Around 1pm I was just staring at the clouds, for an hour they went Right to left. And for another hour they went the other way. (Seriously what the heck was happening there?) 
  • I watched as the trees fell down and cut down my fibernet cables (there goes my life, and still now like 4 days from that moment, my fibernet cables are still in repairs, this post is typed on my mobile)
  • I observed as coconuts, mangos, cashew nuts fall down down like flower petals. (Yeah I picked some which fell within the place we reside :D)

And then around 3pm as I was bored I slept. Yeah I slept through the storm, isn’t that amazing!? And came back to senses around 6pm and it was then I heard in the radio that the storm was moving at a speed of 110km/hr-130km/hr (by that time all the service was jammed and my battery was around 33%). After dinner I actually tried solving Eight queens and finally thought ‘Maybe another time? ‘ after an hour or so, it was around 11pm by then, and the storm was finally gone, except the aftermath was actually worse than anyone in our city could have imagined. 

Taken on the next day of storm

Taken on the next day of storm

Taken on the next day of storm

Taken on the next day of storm

Day 2: 13-12Woke up knowing it would be dark, still I found it a bit unpleasant, mostly because I missed the mid-season finale of The walking dead S7 (ok there were a lot of pressing issues than that). The problem that day was water for most people, but hopefully since my parents were actually listening to the news and saved up water beforehand, which made me realise I was still immature in a lot of ways. Still I did my part of helping people fetch water from the nearest places. I wanted to act tough like Luge Cage, still it seems like I was still not that much of a muscle head (:D).ok why there was no power supply. Some people might not know this, but the place I currently live in still has power transmission by means of Over-head electric cables. The underground cables are still in their process of implementation here. 

Day 3: 14-12

I started sketching, and again helped people in our locality by fetching water and other labour work (I can’t cook or do other stuff so probably do something which might fit into my area of expertise). Sometimes it made me realise how useless I can be without internet and power. Or how much my life depends on power supply. I don’t want the Sphinx (from Terror in resonance) to be near me now. (ok you might understand it only if you have seen the anime). I tried writing some essays and short stories (totally bored and out of my wit). Again read ‘A midsummer night’s dream’ (I love Shakespeare, but this one was no matter how many times I read it, I couldn’t brush off the events that occurred as a dream at all, as how he says to set aside it as a dream).

Day 4: 15-12

Thid was quick and short, around 12pm that day the power supply was back in most parts of the city and our place was one of them. And I felt like it was heaven, really heaven to get back online. I missed so much in 3 days (lots of anime). The network servers were back around 2pm, but my home wifi and internet is still in the works. 

Taken on 15-12 around 7pm

Taken on 15-12 around 7pm

Taken on 15-12 around 7pm

Taken on 15-12 around 7pm

Felt like I was actually in a situation similar to Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 except I spent my time mostly in my home. I might have been grumpy like the MC. But I did learn a lot in real life. 

Still the things I learned and my advice to people who live near coastal areas and places most likely to be caught up in the storms. 

  • Try to stock up food as much as possible when you hear storm warnings on the news (as for me I ate anything my mom cooked without any complaints) 
  • Mainly water! Save some water since it’s hard to find any if you haven’t stocked up beforehand. 
  • Contact people you want to contact at the beginning since it might get messier (I felt bad for not contacting or answering some calls at the start of the day, I won’t do that again)
  • Have some books to read, it’s easy to get bored. (I was kinda sad for always having e-books these 4 days)
  • It might get freezing due to the sudden drop in temperature, so have sweaters, gloves, socks (Hey it’s almost Christmas have some)
  • Charge your mobiles, laptops, powerbanks, inverters, fuel for generators (ofc which we didn’t) 
  • Don’t travel too far away from your home, since it might get messier. 
  • Help anyone who might need help during the storm and ask for anything, even letting people take some shelter in your garage until the storm calms down will be of much help. 
  • Try to work something out with your neighbors. Hey, if you don’t have a good relationship there, it’s time now that you make it up. It’s not like we can like alone all our life. 
  • If the storm gets too much, get inside and close the doors and windows, don’t act tough by taking pictures (B-E-L-I-E-V-E M-E)

Well at least those were what I learned from the storm and it’s aftermath. It’s not much compared to Tokyo magnitude 8.0 still there were other places which were affected really bad, so it might be safe to hope I did escape by the inches. Hope no one has to face those situations and praying that the storm which might hit our place on Saturday does not cause any trouble. Still trying to get back to my normal life with anime and movies and Tv shows. 


7 thoughts on “My stormy Birthday (Natural  disaster) and it’s aftermath

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I am not going to like this post, because seriously what is there to like. Really am sorry this has happened to you, and on your birthday no less 😦 Still: happy (belated) birthday. I am glad that you yourself are allright though. That would have been even worse. Still this is pretty terrible. I truly hope and pray that things will not go like this on saturday for you. Take care: hopefully things will get back to normal for you soon.


    • demigod365 says:

      Yeah I know, even I was searching for a non likable option, but wordpress only has a non commentable setting in what I can find. Thanks for your kindness. I wish everything goes back to normal before Christmas.


  2. weekendotaku says:

    Relieved to hear that you are safe. That damage looks pretty bad so it’s good to know that you are and your family were unhurt. Liking this for the fact that you were able to come back and post this at all.

    I live in the Northeastern USA which does not see many storms like this, but Hurricane Irene (downgraded to tropical storm before landfall) happened shortly after my birthday also in 2011, leading to a lot of flooding of local areas. Hurricane Sandy happened one year later and caused 37 deaths, as well as the worst power outtage in state history.

    Cannot emphasize the tips you mentioned enough. It’s vitally important to keep well supplied and remain in contact with people as much as possible. Hope the coming storm is much more mild and that you all can get back on your feet quickly.


    • demigod365 says:

      That sounds pretty bad too. There were like 9 deaths this time and last year it was much worse here, though last year the cyclone didn’t come as far as our city, the storm was much stronger and actually there were like 230+ deaths. I know this might sound really depressing but I am sorry.
      I wanted to share this post, so that no one takes the warnings lightly or actually finds themselves helpless. Even if it helps only one I just wanted them to know since, I can’t read the news and sit and do nothing. But I really do hope no one actually has to face any problems anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Rose says:

    Oh my gosh. I had no idea this happened. Awweh, I can’t even imagine how terrible that must have been. It’s February now… I hope that things are alright by now? Thanks for sharing this with us.


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