A Christmas post and Announcement 


CHARACTERS : MIO(K-on!), MIRAI KURIYAMA(Kyoukai no Kanata), INORI(Guilty Crown), TAIGA(Toradora)

Though it’s not that soon, I still think it’s not that far away to say “Happy Christmas” to everyone. Christmas is almost here and yep let’s hear what I think about Christmas. Personally, it’s not that different, even though I am an Atheist, and my family being Hindu, I still like Christmas, the reason is that the first thing that comes to my mind is Presents. Though I have never given any or got any on Christmas, I still love to see the present give-aways. Don’t hate me, I am kind of Atheist who doesn’t argue that “God is not there”, I am just another one of those who think “It’s fine if God is there”. Now they aside let’s get into the Christmas theme 😁 


It was around my 10th grade. When we had to learn about ‘The Gift of Magi‘ short story by O. Henry. Have you heard about it? If not just go and read it already. It’s a lovely short comic tragedy story. That’s most certainly comes to my mind everytime when someone says the word ‘Christmas’. It circles around a couple Jim and Della. How they, despite being short on funds, try to gift each other on Christmas. It’s an amazing way of saying how much one was desperate to give the other a Christmas present. At first I was like, ‘Aren’t they both idiots?’ But that’s how O. Henry writes.. This short story made a guy like me expect something out of Christmas. So let me share my favorite christmas themed works.


It is undoubtedly Toradora. Why Toradora? That present given by both of them was as much as ironic as ‘The gift of Magi’. Now Toradora is one of my favorite anime, so if I have to say I might be biased because I liked the anime in as a whole, but still none of the other Christmas themed scene in animes had an impact on me as much as Toradora did.

Is this Kuma miko now?!


THE POLAR EXPRESS, absolutely it’s that film. Though it has a lot of critics to talk about, I for one absolutely loved and enjoyed the theme and cast. The way it was animated and the way the story was being said from my point of view, it was giving hope to Christmas. Makes us want to encourage Present giveaway.

Not to battle.. Seriously


Again the award goes to Toradora. The novel kinda explains how much both of them had worked hard to get what they wanted. The hard work really puts a depressing mood when the curtains actually close.


I have yet to come across one that was as much beautiful as the others. Oops, then why the title? If someone has one, suggest me. Lol😀

As for the announcements :

As a new year resolution I did take up a lot (usually I take up before new year and implement them after New year).. Those concering this blog are:

  • I do intend to write a lot of blog post, at least I will try to do one or two per week. 😁 Hope people don’t get bored by reading it.
  • And gonna stop colouring my fan-arts at least until I finish my engineering. Seriously takes a lot of time and it doesn’t seem to go well with either my studies/ with the quality of colours it doesn’t seem to be good. Not worth the effort. (But seriously gonna spend the time gained , by watching loads of anime lol)

Hope no one hates these two announcements 😄✳✴ and will take blogging as an hobby from now on. OMG!! THANKS for the support. 

Ok, wish everyone a very happy Christmas and hope everyone gets a lot of presents. Winter is coming. Have a good day and look forward to every Christmas that are yet to come in the further years. 😁 And oh, don’t forget to put your views on the comments ❤😜.

I am gonna spend Christmas like in K-on mostly lazing around in my home, maybe with friends or relatives who might come.

Let’s stay in home, *want to invite Mio!*


7 thoughts on “A Christmas post and Announcement 

  1. remyfool says:

    Wow, I like your art!

    And I liked The Gift of Magi! Cruel comedy right there!

    And I also liked ToraDora! Wow, three for three haha.

    Merry Christmas! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts! Hang in there with engineering!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Well…getting more and more into the Christmas spirit with great posts such as these 😀 I can say without a doubt that I definitely don’t hate those two announcements you made: in fact I think it’s great. WINTER is coming allright lol 😂 Hope you will have a lot of fun the coming days, hope you will get some cool Presents anyway, and above all: Merry Christmas😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. prattle says:

    “I am gonna spend Christmas like in K-on mostly lazing around in my home, maybe with friends or relatives who might come. ”

    I-I’m not the only one doing this? This is good to know

    Liked by 1 person

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