2k16 end of year update

First of all, have a awesome year guys. By the end of today, it would be a new year and I would be getting scolded by professors for writing the date wrongly, for quite sometime in the future I guess. 

As far as this post is concerned I would be sharing all the good things that happened / the things I started in the course of 2k16 year. Purely a personal post. 2k16 has been a wonderful year. I am currently in my final year of engineering (Mechanical) and by the end of May I would complete the course (I guess?). 

  • As far as my memory goes, a good thing that is worth shareable is when I finally decided I would choose my path to be in Information technology. I always had a feel of not being the one suited for mechanical jobs. So when I finally decided I would chase after my dream even if I complete Mechanical 😁 
  • The second thing was, after deciding, I got selected in a IT company in my on-campus interview. The pay might be low but it’s a good start. 
  • The third was I got an internship in a SAAS tech giant, Hope I could get a job there, fingers crossed. 
  • Then after achieving what I think I wanted, around October when I was bored I indulged into drawing /sketching.
  • And that was around the time I started this blog, for all the truth in this world, this blog was started for just commenting on some other blogs and to improve my self-confidence (I mean, improve self-confidence by talking with lots of people, I guess. Never thought I would write blogs). But after meeting wonderful people, reading amazing reviews and learning a lot from varied people around the world, I finally decided to write a lot of posts and will continue to do so. 
  • And I started playing Godville game again after 3 years (yeah! The best game suited for me). It’s an ZPG, literally Zero-player game, just create an account lol. 
  • Then, around November, I bacame more active on instagram and deviantArt, I guess I changed a lot in this year alone, than in my whole life (just kidding).
  • Around mid-December, even though it was a bitter experience, I did learn a lot of things from that. (As for what I am referring to, it’s the storm)

Well a lot of things have happened in 2k16 and I am still alive and kicking the bucket. This time I would update the Demigod_Annual_update_sketch (sorry  for the bad naming sense). 

Quick sketch with just a 2B pencil (15~ minutes)

(Not much different from the previous one, just adding white seemed good? )

Oh, and as an added update, I did gain a little bit confident in my sketching and brought Strathmore Toned tan paper and the above sketch is done on my new sketch book ✌ (The chitose fanart was also done on my toned tan paper).

Next year would be even more wonderful and great. Would be going to my internship starting from January 4. Will update it around that time. 😁✌

That’s all for this post, as I mentioned this is just a personal post and sorry about that ✌. If it’s not too much, if there is anything good that happened in this year, people would love to share with me, leave it in the comments.


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