Why art is important for a show/manga to sell? + Seitokai fan-art

It’s wonderful how time flies. Just 24 hours ago I was typing and it could be included in 2016 and now whatever I do comes into 2017.though it’s fast, this is just a fan-art post. The original characters are from Ponkan8’s manga ‘Seitokai tantei Kirika‘. I just did a design practice on the art. The original art will be down there look at the images carefully. 

Original art from the manga

First draft of the fan art, tried designs to perfect my lines.

Second draft, wanted the dress to be more darker

Third draft, wasn’t satisfied with the design, made it darker by adding more shades

Finally gave a shading, and made it kinda messed up

I worked on this for 3 days now, 4 hours each day, though the art didn’t turn out the way I was expecting it, I did get a lot of practice on drawing lines, so I got what I wanted!! 

Before starting my ideas on the selling points of anime industry, this manga is one of my favorite. The story isn’t spectacular nor are the characters unique. I just love Ponkan8’s manga art style. For those who don’t know him, he is the illustrator for ‘My teen romantic comedy‘ light novels and the manga too. There are some other works done by him too. I haven’t read them, I just read these manga and light novel online. How I wish I was born in Japan and joined as an assistant to him, if he takes any, particularly anyone like me. 

Personally to me, the art is the more important to a product to sell. Ofc, the story equally plays a role. But since there is a lot of stories being told, there might be the chances of stories and plot being repeated again and again. Well, some plots can be a mash-up of different manga stories. Or simply the same author can take the same concept again. Consider Mob psycho 100 and One punch man. The author is the same. The basic underlying concept is the same. An unpopular overpowered MC lives somewhere, someplace. After everyone in the story tries to defeat the bad guy, our MC destroys him when he gets super serious. Now most people might argue with me there, but as I said slight variations are made here and there. The character design and art changes. Apart from that the ideals of the character changes a little. Mostly we might have seen the same characterization in a different manga or anime. The same characterization revolves around the entire anime field. 

Side characters die, MC realises that he needs to take tough decisions at hard times and a heart plunging scene, kill / get killed moments, kill the bad guy to save your friends moments. The entire industry revolves with just these scenarios going in an endless loop. Most stories which are spectacular are already included in either Naruto/ Bleach/ One Piece/ Fairy tail. These big mangas and top animes have lots of character back stories which most certainly covers all the varied combinations of scenarios available. 

Now what makes a manga / anime hit!? Ofc, for fan-service manga, art is the only point for the selling reason. But summing up my previous points, since we have reached an era where stories and plots have reached a point of stagnation, we will be constantly looking for different art which will satisfy us. Looks like I am trying to sell Ponkan8’s manga for his amazing art even if stories are already told. Well I said the whole point I wanted to say here. Thus, I will conclude as long as there is a story which might be entirely differnet from the previous ones, new mangas and animes will have to have great art to sell. If anyone has different views on it, share it with us. 

Thanks for reading! ✌😁 


4 thoughts on “Why art is important for a show/manga to sell? + Seitokai fan-art

  1. weekendotaku says:

    Art is often the first thing that catches someone’s eye when they’re looking at a new anime/manga. In that sense, creating appealing art is paramount to getting someone to even look at it.

    I kind of disagree that stories are stagnating though. Stories as a concept have been around as long as humans have, after all, and there’s a reason new ones keep getting made. People absolutely follow formulas or proven tropes in order to build the structure of stories, but good ones can deliver new experiences too. Even the super popular shounen anime that are often the definition of formulaic can surprise once in a while.

    I most definitely agree though, that artistic variety and seeing new creations in character design are a critical part of generating interest.

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    • demigod365 says:

      Thanks for sharing your opinions!
      I do agree that there are some hidden gems found once in a while.
      The point was there are a lot of mangas being published and most of the high school related ones are almost the same, with tragic bgs and overcoming them. When it comes to the market, because of the variance in art, different people welcome different mangas / animes. Most certainly some scenes might surprise them in the due course.
      But to start a piece of work, the first thing that people will look at is the art, as we both agreeded on that point. Initially I wanted to write a long post explaining everything, but couldn’t get it right. 🙇
      Thanks for explaining them here.

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