Anime transformations! 

This question has always been on my mind for a while. 

What do people think about character transformations? 

Everyone has seen at least one anime where a character starts as a naive, humble, run on the mill average Joe guy. As the series progresses he just discovers the dark side within him and just gives into it. Or he develops a dark shade for him so that he can protect the things he cares about. Or some anime have the transformations other way around. Though this only contributes to around 30% of character transformations. No don’t get me started on Naruto, everyone there becomes a good guy for the most part. 

The words are half true, 😁

A very classic example of how badass can a humble character, change is Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, that’s why I tried drawing him to talk about this. Now let’s get started on my views. 

My favorite naive to badass transformation is Kaneki. The transformation I hated is Sasuke’s. Ok that does mean I literally hate Naruto? No it’s just I am stating his character change was so spontaneous for a reason which I couldn’t comprehend or acknowledge as much as he did. 

What does this mean? A mix of various characters are the headstart needed to make an anime hit or succeed . When you are introduced to an anime, the first thing we notice is the characters being shown to us. What people try to find is if  we can empathize with the characters or not. So once we get to like a character, what does it feel like to have his entire self changed leaving only the outside looks. The answer is…… ‘Would I change like that in that kind of situation too?’ or at the least that’s what I feel like and I think the author must have wanted to make me feel that way too. That’s what most people want, right? I do really love day dreaming of stuff like, what would have happened if only I had shut my mouth at that situation, I could have saved myself a whole lot of headache. And would keep on wondering until how it would have changed my grand kids future lol. No not really that far but it does go somewhere into my future. 

Day dreaming again, maybe I should have not written this kind of thoughts lol

So what do people think about it? I mean like what does it feel like to have a character which you might have felt similar to change into a completely different character, because of the varying circumstances? 

Personally I was hoping Kaneki could be my character for the most part. 

  • Admiring books, 
  • slow to open up to people, 
  • awkward to start a conversation with a girl, 
  • kind to children, 
  • never wanting to hurt humans, 
  • Always has the weird ‘equality for everyone’ concept in his head. 

which  was portrayed in the first few episodes to be completely in-sync with me. That was a huge transformation in the anime and never expected it to happen. I might not have become like him if I suffered that much. Now I feel like I can empathize with Nagai Kei from Ajin lol. 

There might be lots of personality which we can relate to, but which is the most closest one. What transformation did you guys enjoy, or hate, or felt close to? 

A small signature sketch done, ok it’s done last year 😂, er.. 2 weeks ago? 

So I just wanted to write a post with 613-words. So if you guys read it, Thanks for reading!!! I really appreciate it!! Hope to see you guys soon. Leave your views on the comments. Cheerio!


5 thoughts on “Anime transformations! 

  1. weekendotaku says:

    Great drawing as always 🙂

    Kaneki’s transformation was indeed pretty severe. I think a lot of people could empathize with him before that happened, but you never know what people are capable of when pushed to the brink. This is something I plan to write about more in his case in particular.

    Some of these transformations feel off because they’re done so suddenly. I think in the interest of time some of the plot developments have to happen quickly but viewers lose some of the connection when it’s so jarring.

    Liked by 1 person

    • demigod365 says:

      Yeah, I completely agree that when there are transformations that happen suddenly they most people won’t be able to acknowledge the cause or change.
      Still, I do value the authors and makers thoughts to some extent. 😁✌ Surely they must have felt something when they decided to go with it. 😜✌

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Brogan L says:

    when it comes to character transformations tokyo ghoul takes the cake given that when you take an in depth look at how we were introduced to kaneki his values, attributes and personality traits we viewed him as someone who would in time become the bridge between the humans and ghouls perhaps a broker of a fragile peace. however, as the series go on and he delves deeper into the world of ghouls he finds out just how difficult it is to be a ghoul what it takes to blend in and more importantly what price ghouls had to pay simply for being born a ghoul. As time and old grudges drag him into the clutch of Jason his forced to confront himself and his beliefs if you recall the changing of the white flowers when blood dripped on them was a tainting of his timid and pure nature and the hardening of his newfound conviction this is what truly made it a great anime and the song was just the gold-bar on the cake


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