Name: Deepak

Just a regular Engineering student, who just loves anime, manga, Light novels and anything related to animation more, yep. I am an Extreme Introvert to top it off. My hobby is sketching, for the most part. Others include reading, trying to write monologues, fictional essays and theories, Photography (The only hobby that has something to do with outer world).

I am kinda pessimistic when I look at the future, and I am kind of proud of it. Being a pessimist for the future, I always cherish what I have now. And when it comes to looking at things, I always find fault and try to correct it, like for example I always try to find ways in which a code can fail, so I try to do it correctly at the first attempt? Oh, amazing right? Who knew being a pessimist is good? So if you are a pessimist too, try not be hard on yourself.

That’s all for now, if I explore myself and find something new, I will update here, Ja ne.